Petly Wellness Plans

Adult Services

Service GuidSilverGoldPlatinum
$37.00 Examination copay (unlimited)
Routine nail trim (unlimited)
In-patient care (unlimited)
Annual preventive care examination
Core vaccine boosters (based on age, breed and risk)
Intestinal parasite screen
Heartworm/Leukemia/AIDS screen (cats)
Heartworm/tick-borne parasite screen (dogs)
Addition of non core Leptospirosis and Lyme vaccines (dogs)
Urinalysis with Sediment
Blood pressure screen
Annual basic blood screen (cbc/chem/lytes)
Annual comprehensive blood screen (cbc/chem/lytes/T4)
Routine dental cleaning package
Radiographs 2 views (dogs)

Kittens and Puppies Services

Service guideSilverGold
$37.00 Examination copay (unlimited)
Routine nail trims (unlimited)
In-patient care (unlimited)
Preventive care examination (up to 3)
Core vaccine series (based on age, breed and risk)
Intestinal parasite screen✔1✔2
Basic deworming treatment✔1✔2
Heartworm/Leukemia/AIDS screen (kittens)
Pre-surgical blood work
Routine spay or neuter surgery package
Permanent identification (puppies)

Equine Services

Service GuideSilverGoldPlatinum
Equine comprehensive physical examination
Flu/Rhino vaccine✔1✔2✔2
EWT vaccine
West Nile Virus vaccine
Rabies vaccine
Coggins test (regular/digital)
Fecal (McMasters) test✔1✔2✔2
CBC with general health panel
Dental examination and teeth float with sedation
Metabolic panel at Cornell University Laboratory